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Title: New Ultimate profile- a bio/pic/document/sounds area that can only be seen by b
Post by: stog on December 07, 2009, 07:37:03 PM
Happy Christmas!

Ultimate profile Trial -- a profile/pic/document/sounds area that can only be seen by your buddies

allows you to post more details, (photos, sounds, links etc and customise your Profile Page) that you can show to just your buddies, currently only available to VIP Donors, Moderators, Silver members and Fibsboarder-++ membergroups

- just click "ultimate profile" in your Profile........

Here you can add more details about yourself. If you aren't comfortable with sharing some information, simply skip it - nothing here is required.

anyone can add buddies however - go to someone's profile and in Summary,  click 'Add To Buddy List"

or if their ultimate profile is showing, look under the "contact me" section, there's a link [Add To Buddy List].  Click on that and if they want to be your buddy, they'll say yes, and you'll be buddies ...........

i have also added a mod which shows visitors to your profile and when they visited

let me know how you find all this - any bugs , bears or kisses ..cheers!

If you appreciate Fibsboard and would like to contribute to its ongoing running costs click here (

We need small donations from about 20% of the core group of fibsboarders (> 150 of you) each year,  to break even and for us to consider continuing the board further than the 2 years we have allocated for.....

17 have donated so far this year.. many thx

First year end Report here (
Title: Re: New Ultimate profile- adding extra photo albums
Post by: stog on December 10, 2009, 01:59:40 PM
To add a new album, go to your profile and click on My Pictures.  From there, click on the name of the album currently showing (whether it's "First album" or whatever yours says).  From there, you'll see your pics and beneath that:  Add Picture.  Over on the right, across from Add Picture are three icons:  Add Album, Edit Album and Delete Album.  Add Album is the document-looking icon, the first one.  It's not overtly clear, but there it is.

screensnaps below
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