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yellow card
« on: January 08, 2012, 12:28:07 AM »
hope you are all enjoying this fresh New Year with its promises and opportunities for all

here at Fibsboard HQ, work has centred around the usual maintenance and security, and the putting up/taking down of the Season's Decorations, custom Theme, bunting & appeals, and we have upgraded the Forum several times this past year, and have added some new features and Boards; a Facebook like feature, custom form posting as required and a customised 'entry' for Tom's Tbot, so that it can auto report tourney Results in the new tourneybot results board -- all power to the TPR team and Tom for their work on this.

 i have just added a new fibsboard membergroup; the yellow card membergroup,

to complement the red card

i have decided to introduce this as i have had to issue a warning to a Fibsboard member who had to have their post edited by a moderator, but who should edit their own posts..

it appears a moderator has had to edit your latest post, which included unnecessary vitriol;

we do not have the time to edit your posts -- you must do it yourself in future - before you post -- read what you have written and consider carefully..

this is a formal warning -- i do not like banning or censoring , but you know we will if we have to ..

please read below from "about Fibsboard"

"We trust all will appreciate the opportunity to post their views in a considered and polite format"

below is a warning taken from the actual FIBS FAQ

"One word of warning, though: at times some of the discussions carried on FIBS via shouts (i.e. readable by everyone) is, well, kind of "low level" and not for the faint hearted. If this disturbs you, you can use commands to gag and/or blind the offending people. "

Fibsboard however is different, apart from the option of not viewing, it is open to the public, with no option to blind/gag -- except by the admin..

we repeat

"this is a reminder for all of us to keep to topic and put across our views without getting petty and personal. we will not, and cannot allow tirades of abuse, as may sometimes occur in FIBs shouts here on Fibsboard - this being an open public forum albeit membered by adults. we have introduced a yellow and red card system here - as is used in football, where a yellow card is a booking - a warning -the post removed perhaps, your future ability to post curtailed, if you get another, you get a red and you are sent off - which in a 'boarders case would mean their ability to post would be withdrawn for a considerable period of time.

obviously we reserve the right to totally ban too."

  ..... otherwise enjoy yourselves ...    stog

How people treat you is their karma

How you react is yours

we want to hear what others have to say and indeed a politics and religion board can become 'adult' and heated, as well as amusing and informative, but it is imperative that we think carefully about our tone of voice, as well as what we are saying.

 as with all parts of the forum, we must respect others, and avoid being overly personal; similarly we must avoid over reacting

but this is a difficult line to facilitate; we the moderators may be Life busy, in a hurry or just plain tired,  and so we may leave untouched or edit a post, or move 'contentious' posts to limbo -- or edit directly, or i may just issue a card - yellow or red:

we all try and count to 10 before reacting


yellow is gagging, red is gagging for a considerable time, with very restricted access to the site,

and we reserve the right to totally ban too."

it is important to read your own posts before submitting -- use the preview button -- that's what it's there for....

please be careful and considerate, and thoughtful


have a happy 2011
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yellow card
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