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I have uploaded a new version of C4FIBS on my page with many new features:

    * Scaleable board, with various schemes
    * Save all matches/games played or watched during a session
    * Replay matches
    * Export a match to JF .mat-file
    * With sound
    * RepBot integration
    * Import BGBlitz .GAM-files
    * Move list, game list, chat and chat with window, terminal
    * Player list updated automatically, sort, filter
    * Mark friends, abusers
    * Move checkers by one mouse click
    * Only the executable needed, no garbage in the system registry, no DLLs
    * Multilingual: English, German, another languages will be added

Please send me your comments and suggestions.



If you would like a forum here for C4, just let me know. ;)  


Hey, looks good!

What are your thoughts on implementing the player profile protocol? I didn't see it on your todo list.

What are your thoughts on an open source license?


This site is down a lot. :(
Maybe you should think of a different hosting company.
Contact me if you are interested in that.


Hi burper!
I will put the player profile protocol on the TODO list.
Open Source? I will think about it. C4FIBS is implemented in Delphi and so it could be ported to Linux using Kylix. You do not need a commercial Kylix license for OpenSource.

Hi webrunner!
You are right the site is down sometimes but it is for free :)
A forum for C4FIBS would be great. Thanks!

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