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If you appreciate Fibsboard, this unofficial Forum for all things Fibs, and would like to contribute to its ongoing running costs, please click below and choose how much you would like to give.

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Please realise that this Fibsboard site, has nothing to do with Fibs.com, that Patti runs, and on which we all play backgammon. This donation goes towards this Fibsboard Forum, which is an unofficial voice for players on Fibs. It doesn't contribute to Fibs.com, although it does allow for feedback and support of many of its features such as the tourneys, clients, bots etc.



While we are happy to provide free support forums for the free backgammon softwares, fibs server and allied projects, and all free stuff, we do welcome a modest donation when commercial projects or software uses our boards to give support and inherent promotion for their products.


Donors include: webrunner*, stog*, spielberg, dickbalaska, b8factor, jackdaddy*, anonymouse, diane, dropper, zorba, papillon, fiftythree, ramses, adrian, FrankBerger, krakan, ah_clem, BallardBG, sixty_something, kapiti,Drake, aviator, r_monk, godwinson, hartkegirl, KissMyAss, ettu, Caleb, Tom, roygbiv, captainmubbers, trrroglodyte, Botchee, yyy, jeeves, Linus, Michael Jade, MAffi...... Thx ALL of you!
and you?...yes you, you too could be here!

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we have has as many as 5000 members (now pruned to 2000), average 2 email-confirmed new members a day and we get well over 100 visitors a day from over 100 countries; 35% new, average 31 members online a day, av time on site for all visitors is > 6 minutes.

we welcome new Sponsors..keep the board going.....advertise your thing for a modest donation contact us

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Month End Report (updates here)

March.....2 donor/subscribers and no ads as i write (31/3/2009), it is gratifying to see our statistics improved with participation and page views on a 6 month high; more importantly i note that the core member stats show steady improvement at 180, and a combined feb and march total of approx 240.........

Feb........we average just under 5000 page views a day, while as i write (28/2/2009), we have a core member group of 150 visiting this month since my takeover 1st feb 2009, google ads revenue of $3.38, kind donations of GBP15 and buggerall from money sites - whose link days are thankfully numbered I think :) and our first small ads revenue of $5!

(19/9/13) we now average over 6000 page views a day, from over 165 countries, with just under 10 posts a day average

sry about all this but seriously, mrs stog has quite rightly said this considerable investment in time and money in the fibsboard must work! and that we must drag the board into the black, and quickly, as we can't afford to subsidise it. We need 3 or 4 donations a month from the core group, and an ad or 2 each month, consistently over the year, to break even and for us to consider continuing the board further than the 2 years we have allocated for.....

****** dec 2011 update - we have had 5000 members (now pruned to <2000) from over 150 countries and are approaching 6000 page views a day.
we have had 13 VIP Donors this year -- thx all ...but we will still need donors for the new year -- our 10th year anniversary!


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