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CUSTARDPIE IS A DROPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Topic: CUSTARDPIE IS A DROPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 6613 times)

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He (she?) has a good reputation, lots of experience and not many saved games but when score was 2-2 in 3-point match he immediately dropped when the chance to hit me vanished (he had 2 checkers in my home board while all I had to do was bear off without contact). 

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RepBotNG says: custardpie's reputation is 327400 (GOOD)

Information about custardpie:
  Last login:  Wednesday, June 15 16:21 EST from
  Last logout: Wednesday, June 15 17:25 EST
  Not logged in right now.
  Rating: 1585.83 Experience: 22327
  No email address.

Code: [Select]
-> show savedfor custardpie
  opponent          matchlength   score (user's points first)
 *NCD                     7                1 -  3
**southpole               3                2 -  2
  Caleb                   5                0 -  0
  zackery                 5                2 -  1
  Hochfeld                5                0 -  0

No way..not a dropper.

I will check with Caleb to be sure, but all of these results add up to tell me this is an honest drop.

Please do try to remember that internet connections do go down, for all sorts of reasons, and more so in some places than in others.  My connection here is much less stable than the one I had in London, for example - and slower.

One thing the internet does not do before it evaporates on you, is check the score of your match to make sure someone wont think you are trying to cheat. It also wont check if you are 1 roll away from winning a match either.

There will be occasions, I PROMISE you, if you stay here for any length of time...that your connection will go when you are 1 roll away from winning a 7 point that point, you have to put a lot of faith into the person you were playing with to resume with you and finish the match. But they will, enough of the time...same with custardpie. I bet if you watch out for her and invite , the match will be finished.
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