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New Player Help Question: Taking Care of Saved Games / Resuming

Author Topic: New Player Help Question: Taking Care of Saved Games / Resuming  (Read 7020 times)

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Hi. I am a Noob and play on FIBS almost 100% through my Google G1 Phone. Through a combination of:

1) A few games where the Connection dropped out
2) A number of games where the other person left and thus left me with an unfinished game, and
3) Several instances where I try to resume games with people, but they won't or can't for some reason,

I now have 28 'Saved' games and cannot invite people to new games.  I'm not trying to cheat, not trying to artificially inflate my score somehow, and just simply want to play the game fairly like most others. I was simply ignorant of FIBS and that my mobile game play was not the typical means of playing the game. However, I now don't see any possible path to "get back in the good graces of FIBS if I can't get anyone to resume a game with me. Heck, some of those folks might not even play on here anymore, so what can I do about that?

Does anyone have advice on a recommended path to improve my standing? I feel like I'm trying to get help with a credit score or something.  Thanks, jrayray

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