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« on: February 28, 2010, 02:31:55 PM »
I was asked about the Visual Accessibility of the Site..

The content texts of this website have a relative font size, which means that they can be resized according to your needs.

To edit the size of the text

With various navigators :
    Ctrl + mouse wheel
Internet Explorer :
    View >> Text size and pick your size
Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape :
    Ctrl & + to increase and Ctrl & - to decrease the font size
Opera :
    press + or - . Or go to View >> Zoom and choose your size

also you can change colour /look and layout of the site by going to Profile (top menu) choose layout - and then choose a different theme - but remember some features may not be available in other themes - best is this default theme!

having looked at and tested some access key solutions, under w3c, there remains i think a clash with browser tab choice, so i have not implemented all access keys, but if you need an improved approach here please contact us at

mobile wap2 access is auto but to see how it looks try;wap
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