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Time Zones for playing Tournament Games

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Time Zones for playing Tournament Games
« on: April 23, 2004, 08:09:36 AM »
In my short involvement in playing in a Postcard Tournament, there is one thing that pops up in every attempt to get together with your opponent to play the match. The time zone!

Where I live there is EST CST and WST unless it's summer then you have ESST EST CST CSST WST. In the rest of the world you might have ADT AKDT AKST AST AWST BST CDT CEST CET etc etc etc When someone tells me that they are available at 7pm NDT it's not always apparent that it means Newfoundland Daylight Time.....  

So here is my suggestion. Work out what times you can play in UTC (Universal Time Coordinate) (Sometimes called GMT Greenwhich Mean Time - not exactly the same but close enough).

Don't confuse the issue by converting it - just tell your opponent when you would like to play UTC. They can convert their own time in UTC and tell you what periods they are available.

 If you have a spare clock, set it to UTC and leave it alongside your computer for ease of reference.

Most enterprises involving multiple timezones work in UTC (eg Aviation, Shipping etc) for the very reason that attemping to convert times is often confusing and frustrating.  :wacko:  

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