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Title: Fibsboard Forum Match 18 Game 4 - Result
Post by: stiefnu on May 27, 2014, 10:15:09 PM
juanz rolled 64 and hit us on his 6-pt. Then the Herd rolled 5-1. It would have been a massive error to do anything other than hit, so I took the liberty of making that move, bar-19*. Then juanz rolled 55 and came in up to his 5-pt, passing us in the process. Contact was broken and the race was on! juanz then again rolled 55 and followed with 44 (to our 32 and 64), raising the prospect of an unlikely game win for him. In the end, the Herd limped over the winning line, with juanz having just two left on his ace point. One more doublet and he'd have got to post-Crawford.

So the Herd wins the match 5-0. The match file is attached.

Many thanks to all who took part, especially to juanz, who I don't reckon had the dice gods on his side.

And special thanks also to stog and ah_clem for their patient mentoring!  :yes:

Title: Re: Fibsboard Forum Match 18 Game 4 - Result
Post by: stiefnu on May 28, 2014, 10:37:27 AM
And here are the bald match stats:
                                                 juanz                   Herd
Error rate (total)                           -1.303                 -0.177
Error rate (per decision)                -23                      -3
Equivalent Snowie error rate          -10                      -1
Error based abs. FIBS rating           1694.8                 2005.3
Overall rating                               Casual player       World class
Chequer play error rating loss         355.2                   44.7
Chequer play error rate per move    -26                     -3
Chequer play rating                       Casual player       World class
Cube decision error rate                 0                        0
Cube decision rating                      Supernatural         Supernatural
Luck rate (total)                            -6                       +45
Luck rating                                   None                   Good dice, man!

So well played the Herd, which couldn't have done better.
And bad luck to juanz. GnuBG wasn't kind to him...

Title: Re: Fibsboard Forum Match 18 Game 4 - Result
Post by: ah_clem on May 29, 2014, 03:21:53 PM
XG match summary:

                          Herd                          juanz
Level of Play           World Champ. (-0.0035)        Advanced (-0.0231)
Performance Rating      1.77                          11.53
Checker Play            World Champ. (-0.0039)        Advanced (-0.0240)
Cube Play               World Champ. (-0.0003)        World Champ. (+0.0000)
Luck                    Lucky (+0.0285)               Unlucky (-0.0285)
Total Errors (Blunders) 2 (1)                         10 (4)
   Equity (Cost)          -0.219 (-2.35%)              -1.222 (-12.69%)
   Decisions              62                            53
Checker Errors (Blunders) 2 (1)                       10 (4)
   Equity (Cost)         -0.217 (-2.33%)               -1.222 (-12.69%)
   Unforced Moves         55                            51
Doubles (Blunders)      None                          None
   Equity (Cost)         -0.002 (-0.02%)   
     - Wrong Doubles      
     - Missed Doubles    -0.002 (-0.02%)   
   Cube Decisions         7                              1
  Take Decisions         None                           1
Jokers                  6                              5
   Luck (Cost)            +3.596 (+38.80%)              -3.596 (-38.80%)
   Rolls                  62                             64
   Luck based rating      61.02% favorite                38.98% favorite

The numbers tell the story.  We had +3.6 gain in equity due to the luck factor alone.  3.6 games in a 5 point match is too much for most players to overcome; add in the herd's 1.77 PR and juan never had a chance.

Impeccable cube handling on both sides of the table.

Thanks to Steve for facilitating and to Juan for playing.  I'll post rollouts of the Herd's errors and one blunder.
Title: Re: Fibsboard Forum Match 18 Game 4 - Result
Post by: stog on June 02, 2014, 12:43:53 PM
thx All -- well done Steve  and thx again to Juanz -- better dice for your 'real' matches...

next on is...

and Julia -- are you available to facilitate the next match --- we can then ensure we have a 'rotation' for future matches..