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GammonEmpire Private tournament announced!!

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Hi Guys and girls!


Well, it is official, we are proud to announce the members only tournament!
The big event will take place on the 18th of November 2006 at 8PM GMT.

Prizes are:


1st place $300

2nd place $100

3rd place $50

4th place $50

How do you get in? Easy! We will run some satellite event tournaments where you will be able to win a free entry to the main event. All tournaments are free rolls! These tournaments will take place twice a day at 9 PM GMT and at 3 AM GMT for the convenience of our European and US members (Sorry Australia!).

Here are the tournaments dates: 19th of October, 22nd of October, 29th of October, 30th of October, 4th of November and on the 9th of November.
There will be four winners in every satellite tournament. Minimum number of players in each tournament is 4.

Registration to these tournaments will commence on the 19th of October.

If you didn't win a free entry you can still participate in the final event with an entry fee of $10.


All you need to do now is download our software by clicking here and go to the real money section. Once you're in simply click on the special event tab where you will see a list of all the tournaments. to enroll to a tournament simply type in the password Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents. and you're in!


If you have any problems or questions you can post a message on GammonEmpire support forum or send me a personal message. You can also have a look at our Getting started section.


Good luck to you all!! 



Unfortunately this clashes with the 'Live in London' event run by Mike Main, so I and a few others will not be able to enter.  I hope it goes well and will be interested to see the results.


i shall be at the "live in london" aswell. the gammonempire tourney should be postponed!


Hey runnerup!! Great news - will be good to see you again  :cool:


Hi Diane

can you give me the exact dates of the london tournaments?

I might consider changing the final tournament date.


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