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Title: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: stog on February 11, 2009, 11:30:42 AM
What other servers do fibsboarders use? How well do they perform and which would you recommend?

I use FIBS 99% of course... it's first, free and friendly :) albeit in a snake pit kind of way at times! and my brief plays on other servers are limited. I have played for small stakes on and found it OK, but my general advice would be caution when playing online for money....familiarise yourself with the software by playing free games first. Definitely don't play for money if you have a flaky connection, as timeouts could cost you! Also if you have the gambling gene be very careful........

Sportingbet   required no download if I remember, instead it uses a Java interface through your browser. I was also able to stick my winnings on a horse that decided to stop for a snack in the 3.30 at Kelso and on Chelsea having only 2 managers this year!

As I spring clean the board, I am assessing links to various 3rd party sites, and I should like to hear from boarders as to their experiences with the following

(<a href=""  target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Free Bet!" border=0 width="120"  height="120" >[/url](
Are there any others you might recommend to folks wishing to win a tie and lose a shirt? Indeed are there servers you would flag as definitely dodgy?

for the purposes of research i was about to register at truemoneygames, but see they have a "tell a friend" campaign, where each get an incentive... so if you are already a player there, perhaps you could suggest me as prospective punter, that way we each get an incentive ...thx

see also comments/replies on money servers
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: Tomawaky on February 12, 2009, 07:02:16 PM
TMG is my favorite. I remember that I played there some great 3Pts free tourneys. And the interface is the best. But there is no many players.

PartyGammon and Play65 next
I do not like play 65 because of what they have done by the past and the monopole they try to get, but there is very very many players there. Partygammon is an interface in the same spirit as play65 and has sponsored the only Milion dollar tournament ;-) which could be great for the game of backgammon.

I hate BGRoom for the little experience I had there. Bad interface, very few people.

Finally SportingBet as all other client without download  and not dedicated to BG.

One exception for no download client => Partouche where you will find the best not downloaded interface I think. But if you will find more than 10 players online, you got lucky...

The last but not the least : .......GridGammon wich is the back of GamesGrid wich is the very best interface. But actually it's in beta.
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: Tomawaky on August 08, 2009, 07:21:44 PM
Here is a new good place to play the Game. :thumbsup:
( (
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: socksey on August 09, 2009, 12:23:49 PM
The only other place I play at is  It's good for when I don't have much time and I want to really concentrate on my game.  It's very different from Fibs. 

There are no shouts.  You can comment to your opponent after each session if you want.  You do not play a complete match in one sitting.  You only play a few moves in each game you have in progress.  I keep around 40 games going at any given time.  It takes me maybe 20 minutes tops when I go in. 

There is no dropper problem unless you run out of time and forfeit the game.  For that reason, I only sign up for games with 36 - 48 hour grace period in case I go somewhere that I don't have a computer available for over night or two.   :)

My nick there is jujubeez and I have seen some other Fibbers there, too.   :yes:


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Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: KDP on August 09, 2009, 01:21:30 PM
I also play at Dailygammon and highly recommend it.  It gives you a chance to work on your game without the time pressures of playing live.  DG in my  opinion is very quietly becoming a top notch site with several world class players as well as regulars on the ABT, BIBA and european tours playing there.
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: Tomawaky on August 09, 2009, 03:05:10 PM
DG is great you can find me searching for Tomawaky  :thumbsup:

And here is also a great tourney there : (
with the standings : (
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: vikingblood80 on August 10, 2009, 12:37:49 AM
I'm playing on:

Dailygammon - of course (very interesting cause its a completely different way to play BG )

Playok (polish site, many players from eastern europe there, faster play than on fibs, no client needed, matches are recorded, PLAYING WITH TIME LIMIT, official tourneys 5 times a week swiss system, ERVERYBODY CAN START TOURNEYS IN SWISS SYSTEM THERE)

I'm playing occasionally on: (only single games,no rating, score based on differencees of pipcount when you are winning, only german players there)

I stopped playing on:

Gametwist (players refuse to use the cube, weird rating system, people dont understand the cube, VERY RUDE BEHAVIOR)
Title: Re: What other servers do fibsboarders use?
Post by: dashstofsk on September 23, 2021, 06:32:31 PM
May I say something in favour of Richard's Play-By-eMail Server.

No membership fee. There is no software for you to download. There is no awkward Flash or Java content. Games can be played in correspondence mode, via eMail or via a web interface. No doubling cube. However it does have a small community of players who are happy to play on a site that is not overloaded with too much functionality or media content.
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