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Backgammon Studio 3.8
« on: April 11, 2017, 02:08:09 PM »

Backgammon Studio keeps improving and today I have updated the version number to 3.8 with these fine improvements:

Backgammon Studio 3.8

Improvements since 3.7:

  • New actiontags:
    • Make an anchor or make a point - Suggested by Aurélien Bonnet.
    • Give up anchor for a hit or not
  • New positiontags:
    • Opponent has an outfield blot.
    • You have an outfield blot.
  • New training tracks:
    • Anchor cubed! You have an anchor and have been cubed! Surely you can take anything?
    • Opposer! Slotting the 18 point can sometimes disrupt your opponents plans. Is now the time?
    • Outfielder! Send a checker into the opponent outfield and pray that it survives? Could be worth a try!
  • Introduction videos! A lot of introduction videos has been created to the different sections on Backgammon Studio.
  • Educational videos! A new section with an overview of educational videos found on youtube.
  • Incomplete match poke! The number of incomplete matches is growing rapidly in the database. Use this to get this number down!
  • Large stacks with numbers should be displayed better now and also on images/thumbnails of positions.
  • Added option to remove friends.
  • More text area clear (thrashcan) buttons.
  • You can now turn off the error feedback sounds while keeping other sounds. These can hurt a bit!
  • Online DMP Champs! The online match PR list has been split into another section for DMP matches.
  • Online Speed Champs! The online match PR list has been split into another section for Speed matches.
  • Share positions on facebook.
  • Timed training tracks now with more time! 20 seconds to come up with the right answer. Still not easy! Suggested by Michael Krakus.
  • Week in review: position filters.
  • Bugfixes:
    • If you managed to get more than 6 checkers on the bar the board graphics would break down. I did! :-)
    • You could drag&drop (tablets) checkers onto an oppoent 2+ stack. Server would reject the move as invalid anyway. Thanks Shahab!
Some images

You can now compete for the DMP champion title!

A lot of matches have been played on Backgammon Studio which is cool! But a lot of incomplete matches have also piled up. Now you can poke your opponents in these matches too.

More sweet training tracks!

A lot of cool educational videos out there on youtube! Some of them are rather hard to find so I made a section which makes them easier to find.

There are now 100 action tags which I think is pretty cool!

2 more positiontags!

Week in review got a couple of new position filters.

Over 3800 matches played on Backgammon Studio! Awesome!

There is a new Tournament champ in town and it isn't me! Sux! Must fix! :-)

I have made a few (32+) introduction videos on different sections on Backgammon Studio.

All in all I think Backgammon Studio is making good progress but now it is time for Nordic Open! Oh yes! :-) The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,

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Backgammon Studio 3.8
« on: April 11, 2017, 02:08:09 PM »


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