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Title: Backgammon Studio 4.5
Post by: PillowFighter on March 22, 2018, 12:44:12 PM

Improvements keep piling up even if I'm not trying very hard! I'm trying to work on some other stuff at the moment but feedback from users often result in new improvements. I have updated the version number to 4.5 with these fine improvements:

Backgammon Studio 4.5

Improvements since 4.4:

Some images


I have created a tribute to Paul Magriel in Magriels Challenge.


I have created a challenge based on Stick's Rule for 3a 7a or greater:

Looks like you have a fair amount of gammons as black here. I put my faith in Stick here and went for No Double. What would you do?


Based on feedback in this forum I have added entries for Transcriber and submitter for matches. You can search for transcribers or display matches from a single transcriber.


One problem that sometimes happened was that starting online matches failed to properly initialise. One of the main problems turned out to be a double login where the server would send startup messages to the other device (say you were logged in on your PC and mobile at the same time). Now this is detected and you can log out the other device and startup should work fine.


You can now sort the user list either alphabetically or on interest flag.


Your preference for the match champ list now persists across logins. I have a weakness for displaying the last 100 matches. I can't put my finger on why! :-)


An option to export the match list as html exists. It can be useful for inclusion in tournament web pages and elsewhere.

In other news


The other day the number of online matches went past 30000! Pretty sweet! :-)

Backgammon Studio ( The Swiss Army knife of backgammon!

Haven't tried Backgammon Studio yet? You should! :-)

Best regards,

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