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Feedback & Questions / Re: Recent update of Java brok...
Last post by maria - May 08, 2024, 10:31:02 AM
Sorry about your JavaFIBS problem.
I don't use it but I just wanted to let you know not many people log in to FIBSboard these days. 
I think you'd have more luck at the FIBS group on Facebook.
Here is the link:
Feedback & Questions / Recent update of Java broke my...
Last post by jeff - May 05, 2024, 01:30:03 AM
Recent update of Java broke my JavaFIBS. Any help on how to fix it?
General / Re: Announcing, a ...
Last post by magic_one - January 11, 2024, 06:47:18 PM
!) It is slow.
2) Sometimes forced moves are made, even if only part of the entire move is forced. I like this.  However, other rolls, including during bear-off, even when the entire roll is forced, I had to manually move the checkers.
General / Announcing, a free...
Last post by rocket9 - September 11, 2023, 04:48:26 AM
I have developed an entirely free and open source multiplayer backgammon service.

You can try it out by visiting or by connecting via SSH:

ssh -p 5000

I would very much appreciate help with testing and feedback from anyone who knows how to play backgammon, or is interested in learning. The rules of backgammon are available here:

The password prompt is currently non-functional, and private lobbies are not yet available. Otherwise, the service is ready to test out, particularly the accuracy of the backgammon simulation. Because there are no accounts yet, everyone is logged in as a guest.

A terminal-based client is available, and a graphical client is planned. The terminal-based client is available over the web at the link above. This is accomplished by using GoTTY.

Move pieces by dragging them or by clicking a source space and then a destination space.  You may make multiple moves by dragging a checker directly to its final destination.

Source code:

Feel free to contact me directly at with test results and feedback.
R.I.P / Re: RIP Manxcat
Last post by Johnny_Boy - August 02, 2023, 07:30:17 PM
Manx, I'll always remember your tenacity in whatever you endeavored to do. Loved playing you and having construction discussions. Always and forever.
R.I.P / Re: RIP Dorbel
Last post by Johnny_Boy - August 02, 2023, 07:26:46 PM
Dorbel was always willing to help a fellow player no matter their rating and also stood his own in many flame wars. Sad to hear but enjoyed him immensely while he was here.
Thanks Dorbel.
General / Galaxy and Heroes
Last post by stog - August 02, 2023, 12:49:23 PM
Many of us play on Backgammon Galaxy and Heroes for the various leagues we are in

I still like playing on Fibs though!! -- so uncluttered & familiar

have played on Gridgammon too (the mac app for it doesn't seem too stable & doesn't seem to have been updated)
any others you'd recommend or comment on?
General Chit Chat / Re: New Fibs Facebook group
Last post by stog - August 01, 2023, 01:09:54 PM
thx well done

have added a link to the Menu on the front page (LHS) under FIBS
R.I.P / RIP Dorbel
Last post by stog - August 01, 2023, 12:17:01 PM
RIP Dorbel

Paul I discovered today died last year

I met him at a UK Backgammon tournament many years ago and he was as many of you know a very active member and skilful player on Fibs

He was forthright and didn't suffer fools

He was also a very interesting fellow who was always ready to help others learn and improve the game he loved.

Just look at the articles here on Fibsboard or on his Dorbel Daily site that is still online (linked on our front page LHS)

His interests were varied as can be seen from this Weather Forum screenshot from where I found out he had died (click it to enlarge)

General Chit Chat / New Fibs Facebook group
Last post by Ashi - April 26, 2023, 02:57:02 AM
I've just opened a new Fibs Facebook group. You are all welcome to join.
Here is the link: