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welcome to this new area for GO

Started by stog, February 19, 2009, 01:07:16 AM

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welcome to this new area for GO. my mate is always trying to teach me, but i tell him life is too short. i've downloaded a good setup on the mac b4 now but still can't get my head round the whole thing. any advice?


I know everything about the game, except how to play it  ;)  :laugh: :laugh:

I am very interested though, where did you get your download for the mac?  I would like to get that going on here. 

It is a fascinating game, with a lot of history and skill, maybe we can get Joe Tamargo to post us some top tips  ;)  Or run some sort of tutorial for fun thing here.
Never give up on the things that make you smile



will report back when i get time to install - mr boat will also post and comment soon........:)


its great.. but some of the rules do confuse me...
i like to set me mac to play itself on master level... and off it goes for hours and hours and hours and hours... very nice to watch.


I will download that to the mac later - thanks for the link  :cool:

Then just to master the rules and get around to picking what is left of Joe Tamargos brains  ;)
Never give up on the things that make you smile


For a robot opponent to download you could try--

GNU Go 3.8, released February 19, 2009, is the latest stable version. It is portable and known to work well on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS/X systems.

For human vs human play on a server, try--

This is the intro page to the first Internet Go Server (IGS).  You can simply log on and watch games if you want to.  The Go board is very pretty, even if you don't know what's going on.  However, if you know little or nothing about the game, you would want to watch a fast game, not a slow one.  If you learn how to log onto IGS and want to know how to tell the fast games from the slow ones, just post here.


Krazula is a good server to play at. is a good site to learn from, it is an interactive tutorial that explains all the basics and should prepare you for your first game.
I can also help teach if anyone is interested, I'm only 12kyu right now, but I can teach absolute beginners up to about 17kyu.
If you play on kgs the KGS Teaching Ladder room is great, there is nearly always someone to help you with a review or teaching game.