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Game 2, move 13: gaspar 4-2

Started by diane, April 07, 2011, 09:44:25 PM

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Never give up on the things that make you smile


hi if someone could pick up the running of this match for a while -- we'd be grateful. file attached , but gaspar's last roll may need checking



Quotegaspar's last roll may need checking
'cos it looks awfully like 6-5 on the diagram, rather than 4-2...


Ok - posts all sorted - it shows the correct current position - apologies, this morning - I was.....distracted.

I will carry on as is from here when gaspar makes his move - I am enjoying his commentary  ;)
Never give up on the things that make you smile


Ok, I was about to step in, but if you're still on the case I'll stand back.


Ok herdites....well your ill fated attempt to hem me in has failed...just goes to show you the power of gold pt....but i feel for the herd...hard to play back game and blitz game at same time.

so with my 4-2 i will continue my tip toe thru the tulips and play safe with 14-8.

i dont like those long distance indirect shots ....the herd is well equipped with heat seeking dice and will flush out a lone checker hanging around in outfield.

well anyway 5 6 and 4 play well but my 3's are not so hot (unless they come in pairs)

i dont know if i wrote about the ever changing rules regarding fast rolling,  yesteday night i played in a chouette with a fast roller....i swear this guy has moved all of his checkers before the dice have settled on the board.,..very good player and very fast.  in a tourney you can respond to these guys  (female bg players are few and far between unfortunately so it male pronouns for now...except u diane 0--)  you can try and play as fast as they do (which ultimately leads to you making a blunder ..or you can purposely play slow and really piss THEM off....

i played Mr. BG in a live tourney in my early days.  this guy actually had a diamond encrusted ring with a mini BG board on it....he rolled fast and played i decided to match his pace to show i wasnt intimidated and eventually found myself on bar rolling , what i thought to be a dancing number ,,,it was actually a good number to come on but i scooped up my dice.

I realized almost instantly the mistake and i looked across the board at his gleaming bg ring and sinister sneer ... I didnt need to wonder if he would let me play my roll since he looked like the kind of guy who kicks his i just bowed my head and danced for 4 more rolls on my way to the bad side of a gammon and a lesson learned...

yes live bg is an expensive way to learn , but believes me the hard lessons are the ones you remember the best....feel my pain ....