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International Team Tournament

Started by dorbel, October 13, 2004, 06:03:38 PM

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As of this moment, we have 67 fibsters from 20 countries who have entered their names for the International Team Tournament.
These countries already have at least the minimum three players, although of course more can still apply.  Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.
These countries still need one or two more entrants to complete their teams, Brazil, Canada, Czech Rep., Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Romania, RSA and Sweden.
Entries close at 2359 UTC on 16th October. Thank you very much to all the entrants we have so far and thank you for the many good wishes too. We are going to have a great tournament. Don't miss out!


Canada completed a team today, so now we have 10 teams. Still open for entrants from every country of course; compete for your place on your country's team!


Sweden completed their team today, making 11 teams. Entries close at 2359 on the 16th! 16 teams is still a possibility.


QuoteEntries close at 2359 on the 16th!
Erm - which time zone - and if it isnt UTC - can you also add it in that format - makes it easier for people to access.
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It does actually say UTC in the initial post O Myopic One. I had thought of choosing Yakutsk local time and describing 16th October as the third Saturday in the month in true Fibs tournament style, but decided against it.
Entries close at 2359 UTC on the 16th October. Join us!


Never give up on the things that make you smile


So does this tournament have a page yet?
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