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Started by Pykos, November 20, 2004, 11:47:41 PM

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-ok click in an empty game list exception fixed
-auto blind and gag abusers
-font size bug in comment of the moves window fixed
-shout in terminal window using CTRL+ENTER
-disable undo when not possible
-notify when oponent leaves, drops
-blocking socket (indy)
-added new tabs in settings: users, chat, term
-gag and blind removed, mark as abuser instead
-message window added
-RepBot feedback
-minor changes and bug fixes



You, Sir, are The Man!

However, I still intend to kick your butt in our championship match at dailygammon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



 Some comments.

 After working just fine for a few days, the abuser feature doesn't seem to work.

 I suspect that this is in relation to the way that C4 handles toggles, for instance, if one toggles greedy, at the commencement of a subsequent game in the match, the check mark will remain in the pulldown, but in fact, the toggle has been switched off.

 After that, the toggles do exactly the opposite of what they say they are doing.

 So, I think that perhaps, on logins, when the abuser feature attempts to blind and gag, it actually unblinds. etc.

 Also, the Player screen selection is a bit odd - some commands are right-click, some left-and-select-from-pulldown.   Can this be harmonized?

 As I grow more experienced with C4, I like it better and better.   Thanks to Pykos for his hard work, and I hope my comments are useful.



Hi Deuce!

The toggles sometimes do not refresh. This is a bug. I put it on the top of the TODO list.

I found out, that the abuser feature does not work if you logout and login back without closing C4FIBS. FIBS resets the blinded and gagged state but C4FIBS does not.  So the abusers are still marked as already blinded and gagged in the internal lists of C4FIBS. These list are now cleared on logout (in the next release). Without a logout and login back I could not reproduce this problem. Can you?

What are your suggestions for harmonization of the player list? There is the pulldown menu which contains all commands.  The context menu (right click on the list) with the most important commands. And you can classify a player by licking on the shapes on the bottom of the list. What should be changed?

Thank you for the feedback. Without your help I would never find these bugs.




 Here's a real bug:

 When bearing off, if only one piece remains, and the high die's number is greater than the position of the last man, the program doesn't recognize the game-ending forced move, rather it insists that "you must give two moves".

 Cheers!    :)  


C4FIBS now also in Spanish. (version

Thanks to Karlos!  :yes:

If you want C4FIBS in your own language, let me know.  


I don't understand how I'm supposed to install this.

No install doc.  Confusing.  Help!


Hi all!

I am working on C4FIBS now again after a long break.

Here are screenshots of then next version 0.7:


New features besides other are:
-Integration of TourneyBot
-Image Boards