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Grand Final

Started by dorbel, December 11, 2004, 01:08:30 PM

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Finland completed a 5-2 victory over Europe yesterday, so the stage is set for the Final, where the Finns will meet Great Britain. Commiserations to the European team, who came together from Greece, Denmark and England to represent Europe and did so in a sporting and friendly fashion. We wish them better luck next time. It is to be hoped that the British and Finnish teams can agree on a day and time when the final matches can be played simultaneously and if that is possible, we will announce that here to encourage fibsters to watch.


The Final will begin at 1400UTC on Saturday 18th December. Watchers very welcome, the teams are Kari_Grandi, Tunari and reima for Finland, GnomysTwo, jag and dorbel for Great Britain. Matches not played on Saturday will be recommenced on Sunday at the same time.


As I will be at a live tournament that weekend - I will not be able to watch - so may I take this opportunity to wish Gl to all the players - with perhaps a little more to the UK team  ;)  It is a shame I cannot watch - I imagine the standard will be very high - and the matches exciting.
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