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C4FIBS on Linux

Started by Pykos, December 18, 2004, 01:16:51 PM

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Ok.  I'm giving this a go on Linux.  (now, it would have been a lot easier if your source was compilable with the standard make commands, as I am now installing kylix real quick, and haven't done any pascal or even borland product in 10 years - but I'll get it it sorted.  I'll be letting you know how it goes, perhaps even a screenshot here or there.)


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Well, this isn't working so well.  Kylix is installed, Ver 3.  I tried opening c4fibs.dpr  I get a whole load of problems, starting with some like - Error reading frmChat.DragKind: Property DragKind does not exist. and Class TRichEdit not found.  So, I don't really know delphi well enough to even start digging on this.

however, I did try installing the BGBoard component.  after having to change the filename from bgboard.pas to BGBoard.pas, I did get it to compile and add the component to user. something or another.  Still no luck with the entire thing.

I tried to get Indy working, and no luck with that either.  errors abound.  back to JavaFIBS for a bit.



My plan was to have one source package, that can be compiled both on Windows and Linux. Unfortunatelly I found out, that Kylix and Delphi 5 are not very compatible. Too many changes and much experience were needed to compile C4FIBS with Kylix.

Now I migrated from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2005 PE. Maybe it works now better with Kylix. I will give it a try but its not priority. The new version is not yet in CVS. If someone wants to try it too, please contact me.

By the way:
You can get Borland Delphi 2005 PE and Kylix for free.