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Top20 Player List & Top10 Country List

Started by adamosad, October 31, 2005, 11:02:49 AM

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Hi everyone,

I want to post the Top20 tourney player list and the Top10 tourney country list every 3 months. (The list is made according to TSB and the database is upgraded by some specific administrators and me)

Unfortunately Fridays3 July results are still missing. I know that Spock won that month but I do not know who took the second place(s). As soon as I will be informed about that result, I will upgrade tourneystatsbotââ,¬â,,¢s database until today and I will give you the updated list!

PS It is unfair for Spock (and runner up for that month) if we ignore that tourney.  


Thx to a good friend, I manage to find out the runner up of Fridays3 that specific month.
The runner up (according to him) is Tryout. Unfortunately I don't have enough evidence (e.g. info from an official site) so I hope that Kari_Grandi will confirm this soon (As Diane does not know anything about these results). Of course if a large period passes without an answer that means that the results are ok and I will enter them to the database. If anyone knows more about the topic, please contact me as soon as possible. Thx a lot.


I've looked through my matches of July. In this month I had the following results:

Jul 1: out in round 3
Jul 8: out in round 2
Jul 15: lost in final vs spock
Jul 22: out in round 2
Jul 29: won tournament

But I don't remember how many points other players had or who was in the top places.

Hope it helps.

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Thx for your reply Tryout.

According to your results, as you win a weekly tourney and take a runner up position in another, my unofficial results must be OK but I will wait a little bit longer for Kariââ,¬â,,¢s reply. Thx again for the info Tryout :)

If anyone else knows more about the topic (e.g points of other players that month), please contact me as soon as possible. Thx


Ok Kari inform me that my results are the same with the official ones. So the runner up was Tryout that month.

Thx a lot Kari  :D