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Auto-roll option

Started by Ave, June 01, 2004, 10:55:39 AM

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at the risk of sounding like a real newbie  :) ... I am having problems with the automatic rolling option in Realfibs. I seem to have got stuck with a config where my dice get rolled automatically when it is my time, which means that I never get the opportunity to double. Does anyone know how to switch this off? I am sure I managed to do this in the past (I think there was a toggle button on the toolbar) but for some reason I can't work out how to do it now. Also ... do you know if there is any help / documentation / FAQ for RealFibs?



I'm not familiar with RealFibs but am sure there is a command/terminal window somewhere which lets you put in the telnet commands directly, you want: "toggle autoroll"

And just to check, you're aren't playing 1pt matches or trying to double during the Crawford game, are you?