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Future Versions and development

Started by HeyAbbot, July 25, 2004, 06:27:36 PM

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Hi all,

First, I want to say I love what RealFibs has become so far, but I do see some todo's, like saving matches, etc.

So my question is : is there a newer version planned, or is there plans to make realfibs an opensource (sourceforge) project, so others may work on extending the functionality?


I think RealFIbs is great as well and wish it were upgraded.  I have offered to pay to have realfibs upgraded.

Great program.  Needs more!



My prediction: it will die on the vine.
Why? The authors seem to have moved on to other interests, and they did not open source the code for anyone else to work on.

I asked them to back when it was fresh, but their reason for not doing so was that the client was based on a library of code that they were commercializing. In fact, the client was just an example of how to use the code as I remember. I didn't understand why they couldn't separate the to, as is typically done, so that the app was oss and the library remained closed and was delivered in binary form. Perhaps that could still be done?


We plan to plan a new version.

Maybe in this year.  Oh I hope so! Just a matter of time, space and acceleration ;)



Hey - good news - if that happens I might be persuaded to give it another go  :D  
Never give up on the things that make you smile


I think RealFibs is the best and most stable client out there.  What it needs are a few of the "Bells and whistles" found in other programs and I think the audience would multiply dramaticaly.

I hope the next version turns out to be more than vaporware.