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It is my first article in FIBS Board backgammon forum, it is a translation taken from my article published in Spanish in my blog

I want to show the difficulties with the doubling cube, the double is a deadly weapon but also is a bummerang, please take care using it, taking into account the state of the match. The following position is extracted from the match capablanca (white) and PHunter (red) for the gold series session #42. I was loosing 4 to 1. He doubled, if I refuse he will be a gammon for the match, White's position is sustainable with an anchor in 24 red with a red checker caught, with a good "timing" I accepted thinking in the redouble later because a match 6 to 1 is almost lost, the equity is approx. 10%.


After a few plays the situation changed, proceeding to redouble, I think that should be taken while he still with the problems of checker trapped.


A few plays later came the inevitable throwing 5-1 he was forced to leave exposed a second checker that was caught, closing my board and winning by gammon and therefore the match. Interesting!


(this position uses GNUBG's built-in menu "Edit:Copy as -> GammOnline (HTML)" function and then is pasted in here...edited by stog)

The score (after 0 games) is: Perfect_Player 4, Hustler 0 (match to 5 points, post-Crawford play)

Move number 13: Hustler on roll, cube decision?

Hustler 164

2O ' ' ' '5X '3X ' '1X3O

1O2O1X1O2O2O1O1O ' ' '4X

You 133


â€Ã‚¢ Hustler doubles

And so on to Game Three. Remember to set out your bg board and play each move along with the text. it will stick in your mind better like that.

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