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Tournament backgammon is popular both online and offline. However, offline tournaments are restricted to places and times whilst online backgammon is played on software that is designed to admit multiple backgammon players at any time. Therefore, tournament backgammon can be provided more regularly online, the only requirement being numbers needed to play.

The two types of tournaments available are multi table and sit and go. With tournament play, there is a single registration fee which counts towards the prize pool. In tournament play, all players receive the same amount of chips to begin with as soon as they have paid their registration fee, which makes every player equal at the start of play.

To play the multi table online backgammon, the players sign up by a certain day and players are seated at their table at the time the tournament is allocated to begin. Each player is responsible for being logged in and for completing their match within a given amount of time.

With multi table tournament backgammon, the prize structure is a percentage of the registration fee and so the more people that join, the grander the prize will be. Multi table tournaments will sometimes pay out the top 50 people if the number of entrants is big enough.

Sit and go tournament has a pre set number of participants. When the table is filled, the tournament begins. The prize is a fixed sum, which is clearly stated before you join. Tournament backgammon provides a player with the chance to play for longer for their money. It cost effective and adds a new dimension to an already favourite game.

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