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Mac users!

Started by backwoods, January 13, 2016, 05:06:32 PM

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Hey, I've moved to unfamiliar territory, I've become a Mac user and I am lost now. JavaFIBS won't work for me anymore so I'd like to hear good suggestions what to use instead from couple of dinosaurs, I know you're out there :)


Ps. This is my first post and I count myself as a dinosaur too...

well, looks like this is post #2 :)


java fibs will work on mac.

Davis Patch

Moonshadow right, there is version on mac, on their official site
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I am a noob to FIBSand trying to download software for an iMac running MacOs Big Sur 11.6.

At FIBS the latest Mac download appears to be CocoaFibs OS 10.3+.  It is a dead link. Advice?


And the links to JavaFibs indicate no Mac support