Game 3, move 25: Herd to move 3-4

Started by diane, September 27, 2010, 09:11:58 AM

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r_monk rolled 3-1 and entered 1 from the bar...Herd now has 3-4 to move..


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Although there's not too much that can go wrong for us, I favour 10/6, 6/2 here.  If he doesn't anchor, it gives us another chance to close him out and seems a shade safer than 10/6, 4/1.  If he does make the anchor, after 10/6, 4/1 how would we play 63?


My main criteria here is to keep an even number of checkers on the high points so as to survive big doubles without leaving a shot.  Hitting loose is reckless, and the other two moves leave 3 checkers.  Thus 10/6, 4/1 for me.