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tournament 3 launched

Started by alef, January 28, 2004, 08:13:56 PM

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Here are the pairings for the first round:

1 grillbill vs. akamaya
2 zakasax vs. artgeekette
3 shahgammon vs. jant
4 amarganth vs. Carolin
5 Spiderwoman vs. fofo
6 Clinty vs. SandyPar
7 hypnosa  vs. jinnate
8 MacMom vs. sidie
9 Blotman vs. resipsa
10 magic_one vs. lene
11 alef vs. rsl
12 cht vs. wildeman
13 thorton vs. doktor_
14 joethefish vs. wingtsun
15 noodle vs. yes
16 Hardy_whv vs. mano


from early comments by players i decided to post some

step by step instructions for posting results for FIBS postcard tournament 3:

go to
click on 3rd tournament active (
this are the brackets of the running tournament.
now find the match you just finished playing and click on your name.
use the form to report *your* result, you don't have to report your opponents result!
select *your* name, enter the password you have chosen when registering for *this* tournament (not the one from fibsboard).
then select *your* result and click the "post"-button.
you will get a confirmation of your post like:
"noodle reports (s)he has won match 15"
If you get an error go back to the brackets and try again.

hope this will be of some help.
perhaps there are some issues with different browsers / operating systems,
if you run into problems send email to and let us know
which browser and operating systems you used.

best of fun and luck in the tournament,
(technical admin)


Congratulations to Hardy_whv for winning Tournament 3! Everyone who played in that tournament owes Hardy a postcard:

We've had record numbers of cards being sent, keep it up  :D

Also, Tournament 5 is now registering, sign up and join us  :yes:  


Congrats to SandyPar who has won the draw for the free FIBS t-shirt in tournament 3!