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Started by magic_one, April 30, 2004, 07:26:54 PM

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I noticed that FIBS postcard tournament 4 Second bracket, Round 4, SandyPar v matty is a duplicate of First bracket, Round 1 match.
In a tournament of 32 entrants, I do not think that any 2 participants should ever have to play each other more than once, except perhaps in the finals.
Aren't there templates available on the internet for setting up double elimination tournaments?




Hmm, I'll have to have a good study of this. My suspicion is that unless you have a dynamic bracket system (it allocates you to a place specifically on who you've played) then there's no way to avoid possible repeat matches. The current postcard system blindly advances players based only on whether they win or lose and isn't adaptable to something more complex. But maybe it is possible, the double elimination format is something of a headache to work out... <_<