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what's a postcard tournament?

Started by alef, December 21, 2003, 03:33:08 PM

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These are 32 player 7pt double elimination tournaments held on FIBS. Entry is free, however each time you lose you have to send a postcard to your opponent, and the overall winner gets postcards from everyone!

Full details can be found at:

Here  are all the rules:
*   First rule is have fun and be good
*   All matches are 7 points long
*   Most matches played on FIBS, but if both agree then any backgammon match counts
*   Loser of every match must send a postcard to the winner
*   All players participating send postcards to the final winner
*   Real postcards must be sent (not eCards)
*   You need to give a postal address to your opponents when you win
*   All players continue until losing two matches
*   Players may be seeded by rating and location in the first round
*   Both winners and losers report results on the website
*   Winners report through the match links when they've received cards
*   One free FIBS t-shirt will be won by a random draw from all entrants
*   Failing to send cards results in bans from future tournaments
*   Players generally have two weeks to complete matches per round
*   In the event of a dispute we'll try to be fair
*   Tournament directors reserve the right to refuse entry