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Great offer from an ex-sponsor: was up to $100 free, now removed

Started by webrunner, July 19, 2007, 10:03:43 PM

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 flashing ad image removed by stog (title of post changed from "Great offer from our sponsor: up to $100 free" to "Great offer from an ex-sponsor: was up to $100 free, now removed" 4/9/12
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Amazing that I was such a fool to believe this. Your account will get credited, but you will never get it out.


Well..the original advert is 5 years old...I wouldnt trust anything like that anyway.

That said - it was webrunner who previously hosted this forum that had the support from BGRoom. That is nothing to do with FIBs - as Patti has told you.

Maybe stog - the new host of this board would like to take this horrible blinking, and now apparently false, offer down?
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I would appreciate it.

It makes me comfortable to have the FIBS name associated with any sort of online gambling.  Since FIBS is located in the US, it would be illegal for me to be a for-money site or to be associated with one.  It's easy enough to see that I'm not involved, but I'd really hate for some DOJ agent to get a wild hair up his ass and link the two.


removed the ad and changed the title of the post; let me know of any more