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Listing tourneys

Started by playBunny, May 06, 2008, 10:43:07 PM

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Howdy Tom, I just asked TourneyBot to list completed tourneys so that I could get the number of PersianLord's Monday Gladiatoruial tourney. TourneyBot started at 2430 and worked its way relentlessly back towards 1. I cut my line in order to stop it but even reconnecting several minutes later it was still churning them out. A few limiting parameters would be handy, such as last N or N days or dates dd/mm/yy dd/mm/yy would be handy.  :)


You might find an easier way to find the tourney #.  If I forgot previously, I'd start querying with the last number I used plus a few depending on how many days it's been.   :)  Now, I have that info on the last tourney date that I keep in a file for Mini-Matches and my macros have the tourney #.   ;)


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That's a good point. It works well for you as a TD because you know that the end of the list is near 2400 (and so do I now, ;)) but even without knowing that, anyone familiar with binary searching methods could find it fairly quickly (an option which didn't occur to me at the time).

Cheers, socksey. :)


Yes I think 30 days is a good limit... also searching by TD name could help too...

yikes a lot could be done in that area...

thanks! (I think!  :unsure: )