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Beggar's Backgammon Terminal?

Started by stog, January 03, 2010, 08:24:12 PM

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Beggar's Backgammon Terminal

anyone have any experience of this not free interface?
i have been getting emails from a disgruntled user who can't log in to FIBS  with it on windows 7
i gave him the FAQ

"i see there is an FAQ here
but i know nothing of this interface and would recommend u use javafibs (free)


I paid for BBGT long ago but it's on my old computer and I never did get anything moved from that computer to this one.   :cry:

Anyway, stog is right to refer you to JavaFibs or to 3DFibs.  Either are good interfaces and will give you more features to work with.   :yes:


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I also tried Norton Commander on W7. I was disappointed  :( because I paid for that NC software. Tell that user that you cannot use charcoal in a car manufactured in 2009. Maybe he should try with whiskey.
Of course, any geek that makes BBGT work on W7 is welcome to tell us how he did it.
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