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Game 3, move 4: Herd to move 6-2

Started by diane, September 05, 2010, 09:53:51 PM

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We're ahead  in the match and ahead in the race.  Why take unnecessary chances?  That lead me to play the quiet 8/2 4/2.

The thing is, hitting on the five point gives him 18 shots, while leaving the blot on the 11  gives him 16 shots - almost as many.  Hitting contests the five point and slots a valuable point, so the decision should not be based on leaving two fewer shots. OTOH, the "safe" play makes a homeboard point, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

I'm going to go with the "quiet" play 8/2 4/2, but I'm not convinced it's correct. 


11/5*-8/6. I think 11/3 is also good, having the least possibility of getting hit & dublicating White's 2s.
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