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Game 7, move 18: Herd 5-1

Started by diane, October 24, 2013, 10:24:52 AM

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Roderick rolled 6-1, which was forced..Bar/24, 10/4
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Ooh, I can recycle my comment from last time!

No idea why anyone wants to throw away 6% of games straight away by being hit on the 8. With the blot stuck back on the ace, we can wait until the White board starts to break up before taking any chances. Also, keep men in front of the gap where they are most use. Can't see a great difference between 12/6 and 13/7 but just in case the game degenerates into a race (36/35/34, miss) the efficiently placed man on the six might just come in handy.

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I don't want to leave the indirect shot, looks like an unnecessary risk here. I don't want to go deep with a checker either. That leaves 13/7 and 12/6. The latter looks clearly superior: more shots if Roderick happens to escape; we want to bear in, not put checkers on the barpoint which may end up too deep later on; we want to clear the barpoint much more, and sooner, than we'd want to clear our sixpoint, so it's clear where the spare belongs: on the sixpoint.
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what about 13/12 7/2 as an option for voting?
maybe i'll add it and vote for it