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Game 3, move 19: Herd 4-3

Started by diane, October 29, 2013, 10:19:46 AM

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Surprised people are proposing leaving voluntary shots while they are still pretty much killers! It's annoying we can't use up a small number with the back man while staying out of range (eg 42: 13/11 6/2) but I think the choice is 13/6 and hope White doesn't hop out too quickly, or keep the backstop and juggle the builders. I think I may have to vote tactically here...


7/3 6/3 keeps a backstop, but remains beyond initial joker


leaving a voluntary indirect shot is often correct.  I left a voluntary 6-3 over the weekend at the tournament.  It was correct by 0.090.  And sure enough, he rolled a 6-3 from the roof and won the match.  Oh well...  Didn't make my play any less correct.