howdy HNY 2023
just sorting out Fibsboard a bit basically archiving it & updating the software to protect the database

let me know of any problems/ideas thx

should be easier to view on mobile devices now that's it's a more responsive design

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Started by PillowFighter, June 23, 2017, 12:26:22 PM

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Yesterday Backgammon Studio reached 1500 users! Pretty awesome!

And today I see that the number of online matches has passed 7000! Even more awesome!

And it is great to see so many flags showing up in the match champ list! If you see your name in that list and the flag is missing don't hesitate to add it! Click on your own name in the users list and you should see a profile button at the bottom.

7000 matches is a nice amount of matches but does this mean that playing matches on Backgammon Studio will work perfectly for everybody? Unfortunately not. I see some users struggle with poor wifi connections which doesn't make for a great playing experience. I have started to look into this problem and one problem I spotted was that if you lose connection and then your opponent does a move the message will fail to reach you and is lost. When you do get connection again you may not see the correct view of the board. It should get corrected after you click undo or do something illegal but ideally the missing messages should be replayed to you (but this could get ugly if you have lost connection for a long time) or perhaps a forced reset of the position from the server should trigger. I'll look into this some more.

One trick you can do if you know you have a bad network connection is to turn off all sounds in the sounds settings before you start a match as these audio clips will be loaded at start (unless the browser has cached them locally) and may cause problems. This might avoid some startup problems. Perhaps adding a loading progress bar and not allow you to start a match until loading is complete is a better solution. I'll take a look.

If something sux (online match play or anything else) please don't hesitate to tell me! I try to do my best to make Backgammon Studio as great as possible and your feedback can be very valuable! :-) An email to with a screenshot of some problem that you are seeing can be a goldmine of information to me!

How about the random generator used on Backgammon Studio? I am sure backgammon conspiracy theorists will say that online backgammon games are rigged no matter what you say but yesterday I added a display of 1 million dice rolls:

Good enough to fool me! How about you? :-)

And oh! It is Friday so I have added another training track:

You're 20+ behind in the race. Is there a cube here anyway?

I'm often too reluctant to cube if I'm behind in the race but sometimes the threat and position justifies a cube anyway. Now I can practice more on this situation!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,