Gibraltar Open 2017! And a bonus!

Started by PillowFighter, August 26, 2017, 01:17:34 PM

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Yesterday Karsten Bredahl sent me all his matches from Gibraltar Open! Thanks a lot! It isn't often that I see all matches from the winner from a single tournament. I think I've only seen it once before from one of Mochys wins.

Thomas Myhr - Karsten Bredahl 21pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.12 Cup5 Final

Karsten Bredahl - Jack Edelson 19pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.12 Cup4 Semifinal

Karsten Bredahl - Eric Guedj 17pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.11 Cup3 L8

Karsten Bredahl - Ann Pocknell 15pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.11 Cup2 L16

Ioannis Atmatzidis - Karsten Bredahl 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.11 Cup1 L32

Karsten Bredahl - Aleksei Askurava 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.10 match 5 of 5

Karsten Bredahl - Simon Jones 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.09 match 4 of 5

Karsten Bredahl - Volker Sonnabend 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.09 match 3 of 5

Karsten Bredahl - Jørgen Mohr 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.09 match 2 of 5

Karsten Bredahl - Vincent Alexis 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017.02.09 match 1 of 5

Awesome! :-)

A couple of days ago Martin Kahn sent me some of his matches and two of them were from the last Gibraltar Open. Thanks a lot!

Dankwart Plattner - Martin Kahn 11pt Gibraltar Open 2017-02-09 Main R2

Jürgen Orlowski - Martin Kahn 13pt Gibraltar Open 13-02-2017

Martin Kahn is also the most active of the top 5 online match players on Backgammon Stdio! Odds are good you can get a chance to play against him but be prepared for a very difficult match! :-)

There are still a few matches from the last Gibraltar Open that are missing:

Sebastian Wilkinson Vs Olivier Decultot Gibraltar 10 02 17

Kenji Shimodaira Vs Volker Sonnabend Gibraltar 10 02 17

Goetz Hildsberg Vs Thomas Kazimieh Gibraltar 10 02 17

Ann Pocknell Vs Julian Becker Gibraltar 10 02 17

Alain Babillon Vs Peter Bennet Gibraltar 11 02 17

Zdenk Zizka Vs Gaz Owen Gibraltar 09 02 17

Thomas Ronn Vs Goetz Hildsberg Gibraltar 09 02 17

Juergen Orlowski Vs Kazuki Yokota Gibraltar 09 02 17

Thomas Mhyr Vs Matt Reklaitis Gibraltar 10 02 17 (video commentary)

Nodar Gagua Vs Thomas Mhyr Gibraltar 12 02 17 PART 1

Nodar Gagua Vs Thomas Myhr Gibraltar 12 02 17 PART 2

Michael Larsen Vs Tobias Hellwag Gibraltar 10 02 17 (video commentary)

Sebastian Wilkinson Vs Steen Haff Gibraltar 10 02 17 (video commentary)

Lars Nielsen Vs Maik Steibler Gibraltar 10 02 17

Do you have any of these matches? Don't hesitate to send them to me! :-)

Bonus! Malmø Open!

And a sweet bonus from today: Karsten Bredahl just sent me a match file from a match that was played today! Talk about fresh! :-)

Hans Kristian Mathiesen (4.79) - Steen Grønbech (1.37) 7pt Malmø Open 26-08-2017

Malmø Open 2017 Round 03 Steen Grønbech vs Hans Kristian Mathiesen

Malmø Open 2017 Round 04 Aron Tendler vs Hans Kristian Mathiesen

This is from the ongoing Malmø Open:

Only one Norwegian? Not good! We have to fix that for next year! :-)

I also started to take a look at other matches that needed transcription and transcribed one:

Michy (2.54) - Akiko (2.10) 9pt Merit Open 2016

which I am sure has already been transcribed but it wasn't in my database (it was only 25 minute long so it is almost like cheating! :-)). Oh hey! Both playing below 3! Impressive!

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