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Backgammon Studio 4.2!

Started by PillowFighter, September 01, 2017, 12:21:30 PM

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I just noticed that the folder with update images has started to fill up rather worrying so I have to update you guys on the latest version! :-)

Backgammon Studio 4.2

Improvements since 4.1:

  • New actiontags:

    • Tempo hit or not
    • Hit, point and slot or not
    • Hit on the deuce or not
  • New training tracks:

    • Home cleaning! Should you double hit and double slot in your homeboard? Perhaps it is time for some serious home cleaning!
    • Lifeline! An anchor in a 5 point board is your lifeline to keep you alive and avoid too many gammons but sometime you just have to run. Make a run for it?
    • Tempo hitter! Sometimes a tempo hit is your best bet! About to be blitzed into oblivion? Any hit is a good hit!
    • Power primes! 5+ primes are powerful beasts! Handle with care!
    • Disaster doubles! You're playing a back game and suddenly disaster strikes! A double! What on earth to do?
  • Other improvements:

    • Opening opera facelift. You can now play through the 5 first moves and get a PR value based on your performance.
    • You can now change the error highlight colors. Suggested by hynyct.
    • You no longer hear Awesome! when the move was forced. Suggested by Neil Webb.
    • Support for round in match data. Also searchable in the match list.
    • Support for displaying luck in match info.
    • List all entries in tournaments, players, round and events in search dialog.
    • Search for prime length/checkers behind prime.
    • There is now a limit on the number of incomplete matches you can have.
    • You can no longer abort a match and start a new one with someone else (opponent must have the looking for a match flag set).
    • Missed cube eq is added after each game in an online match.
    • You can now turn on/off sounds from the board. Suggested by Sondre.
    • There is now another option to display the MWC data with a dialog.
    • The final PR should now be correct in the panel display too. Suggested by Sondre.
    • Place some names on top/bottom to make it more clear to see who is playing on which side. Suggested by Karsten Bredahl.
  • Bugfixes:

    • There was a problem searching for tournaments in the match list.
    • There were no alert when trying to import bookmarks into public database (currently only works in your private database).
    • Problem with jacoby rule in unlimited games. Reported by Jon Kristian.
    • Problem with white/black icon wrapping if using portrait mode on mobile.
    • Score wasn't updated after the last game in an unlimited match.
    • 'Play as' didn't work for cube actions in firefox. Reported by Leonardt.
    • Manually entered moves in 'Play as' didn't get checked properly. Reported by Leonardt.
    • Mat file sent from Backgammon Studio always had -000000000 as the Match ID. Causes problem when using XG profiles. Reported by Jeom.
Some images

This is the 91'st training track! Closing in on a cool 100 tracks! :-)

Acing the opening by playing the 5 first moves perfectly is a bit too difficult for most of us. Now you can play all 5 moves and get a PR value of how well you did. A nice way to practice opening moves! Based on a comment from Rune Færevåg about how he practices openings against XG.

I did a bit of cleanup of events from a bewildering amount of different names to something more reasonable. I have also added support for searching for rounds. I see another event has snuck in which doesn't really have to be a separate event 'Gibraltar Main R2'. A more generic term like 'Championship Main' is better as the tournament is already a separate entry and can be searched for. Also round is a separate entry. So for instance if you want to search for all finals from Nordic Open you open the tournament search dialog and start typing until you see the tournament you are looking for appear. Click on it and then open the round dialog and click on the final:

It was able to locate 4 matches but I haven't gone through all 6332 matches and tagged every one of them with correct rounds but eventually I'm sure all will be corrected. I just cleaned up Nordic Open and now it finds 24 finals. Championship Main and Main Champ can also be merged into one event. It would be nice if XG had a separate tournament field but often the city is also in the tournament name. For instance London Open, LA Open and so on. Having the event be a general term like Speedgammon, BMAB, Double cons, Champ Main, Advanced, Champ Fighters and so on. Give it a try to search for different tournaments/rounds/events and see how it works. If you later adopt a similar use of location/round/event when you transcribe matches: Sweet! :-)

Your opponent had all the luck! :-) Now luck is also displayed in the match info.

You can now click on the list icon at the top of the find dialogs to list all entries. I am sure there are some duplicates in all of them so don't hesitate to let me know if you spot one!

You can now search for prime length/checkers behind prime.

Place some names on top/bottom to make it more clear to see which is playing on which side. Suggested by Karsten Bredahl.

I could have showed you several more images but I got some feedback that there were just too many images in these updates. But I think you've gotten the picture (...) already! Many sweet improvements! :-)


Got any questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to email me at Think something sux (like the UI)? Let me know or I may just think everything is awesome!

Spotted something that looks wrong? Take a screenshot and email it to me. That can help a lot in locating the problem!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss army knife of backgammon!

Haven't tried Backgammon Studio yet? You should! :-)

Best regards,