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European Team Championship 2017 in Reykjavik

Started by PillowFighter, October 16, 2017, 11:54:19 AM

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European Team Championship 2017 in Reykjavik is over and matches has started to appear! Some highlights (both playing below 5):

Norway beating Germany in the final taking the title!

Germany (2.77) - Norway (1.58) 7pt European Team Championship 2017 Consultation Match R8

Norway beating Denmark to get into the final! I think Dagfinn brought his magic dice for this match! :-)

Norway (3.03) - Denmark (2.13) 7pt European Team Championship 14-10-2017 Consultation Match

Other matches:

Thomas Kristensen (3.37) - Dagfinn Snarheim (3.22) 13pt European Team Championship 05-10-2017 (XG++ analyse)

Tobias Hellwag (3.39) - Gumhur Bekt├╝re (4.16) 13pt European Team Championship 2017. 10. 05 R1 Germany vs Turkey

Kare Aronsson (3.88) - Michel Lamote (2.71) 13pt European Team Championship 2017 Reykjavik R4 Belgium v Sweden

Tobias Hellwag (3.14) - Chris Rogers (2.33) 9pt European Team Championship 2017. 10. 07

Thomas Myhr (3.54) - Elias Kritikos (2.52) 13pt European Team Championship 09-10-2017 DK vs Norway

There are 36 matches from this tournament on Backgammon Studio at the moment but I suspect there are many more matches out there. Don't hesitate to pass more matches along for inclusion in the database! Thanks a lot to Marc Van Damme for providing the matches from the Belgium team and others who have contributed to the other matches.

As a side note the norwegian team used Backgammon Studio for several training sessions leading up to this tournament! Is there a connection here? hmmm.. hehe

More info from this tournament on:

eubgf facebook page

eubgf web site

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