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European splits!

Started by PillowFighter, October 27, 2017, 10:08:22 AM

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While looking for a good definition for another backgammon term I came across "The european split" by Kit Woolsey. Today I have added an "European splits" training track on Backgammon Studio.

When testing it out I managed to get 0 correct in a row, then 0, then 0, and finally 0 correct in a row... clearly I have no clue when to move my last blot forward and when not to. I need to practice more! :-) I think the clue to these training tracks is not to get too frustrated if you don't manage to get more than a couple of correct in a row or as in this case 0 in a row 4 times as all the errors were also made by strong international players so the positions are likely to be very difficult to begin with. As a case in point:

an error made by the strongest backgammon player in the world. I would have made exactly the same error as it looked like a perfectly reasonable move to make.

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