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getting past moves for a new game you're watching?

Started by csells, December 05, 2017, 06:38:11 PM

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If I "watch" a user playing a game, is there a way to see the moves that have already happened in the game and/or in the previous games in the match? I know you can do this using "oldmoves" for saved games you are playing yourself; I'm looking to be able to "rewind" a game/match I'm watching.

If such a thing doesn't exist, would it be possible to build a bot that watches all of the games and keeps track of this kind of data?


the answer is no, you cant rewind a match you just started watching. The moves are stored on your interface, so you only have what you were there to see.

The bot you describe is certainly possible, but a lot of work, for potentially little use.

You are more than welcome to code it, and then talk to Patti about running it. The rules seem to be that it can be there, as long as it identifies itself as a bot, and serves a useful purpose or need in the community.
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thanks, diane. I'm relatively new to the fibs community. I'm building a web front end and was interested in letting people jump into any game and see the whole history, not just the moves that they're around for (although, as you say, it's a low priority feature). I did some digging and wasn't able to find any bot source code as a way to get started. Any pointers would be appreciated.