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Account Help!

Started by Worfgzr, April 11, 2005, 11:16:25 PM

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I've just tried to activate a new FIBS account using the new OS X app, and I'm having all sorts of issues.

When I first tried to create the account a JAVA app popped up asking me to put in a user name and password, which I did. Then that window sat for several minutes and did nothing.

So, I figured I'd try again. I killed the window and tried to create the account again, that time a terminal window popped up, instructed me to enter as 'guest'. which I did, then enter a username, which I did. It kept asking me to enter a username. I entered the same name, and it would ask again. So I assumed that I had somehow gotten registered with the name.

When I try to log in with the username (Worfgzr), it won't let me.

Can someone please tell me what I did wrong? It looks like a simple process, I don't know how I could have messed it up.




The applet seems to only work with existing accounts - if you follow this link - and create your account - then you should be able to log in using that java applet..

online registering tool
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You can also push the start button of your windows and write there: "telnet 4321"  and then login "guest".....  after that continue the directions to make an account :D


You have to type "name yourDesiredUsername" into the terminal


I was actually able to get in and play 2 games.

I had done all of what you all had suggested before, but the last time I went through the telnet-guest seesion it worked. Go figure.

Anyway, I played 2 games, I was losing my third when the connection froze. Everything else seems to be working, so I killed the session and tried to log in again.

This time I get the same connection failed error, AND I cannot get the telnet session. I can't ping the server either, tho that made be normal.

I tried moving my computer to my DMZ, in case there are port issues I wasn't aware of; no difference.

So, as of now, I can log in here, but not the game server.

I'm thinking I should blow away the plist.




Never give up on the things that make you smile


Quoteyou are probably now another victim of this problem..
Well, it was almost right. I tried both addresses and neither worked for me. On a lark I put in instead of the that in the preferences originally, and that worked.

Many thanks



We are happy as we could help... I was not here to help you with the second problem, but fortunately Diane was here for the rescue!

Well done!You play with the preferences and you fixed the host!!!  :D