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There are many ways of perfoming poorly and you may have your own techniques in doing this i however prefer the following approaches:

- paying no attention to the state of the game and particularly not focusing on the points whilst in a match.

-leaving one or more pieces exposed just because "i have a feeling that everything will be alright"

-forgetting the point score within a game then doubling without checking if i am likely to win.

-getting "drunker than 20 pirates" on preferably gin or some other strong alcoholic beverage them waking up the next day to find a huge loss of points along with hang over.

-accidentaly clicking on the dice in the middel of the board when i have not done the move i intend to make.

This is not an exhaustive list of the tallents you need to maintain a poor rating!! the question i would like to pose at this juncture IS do you have any personal hard and fast rules with in your game that will help me improve with my mediocrity??

Thanks for reading this article and i hope to welcome you all to "the around abou1500", club as soon as possible.


Kind regards

toon.Foot in mouth


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1) Re: how to maintain a moderate rating.
Comment by  on September 20, 2007, 11:18:27 PM

Well done, toon! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will be my fav playmate from here on!!!!!!!!!!!
Hilarious!!!!!I think you were thinking of me when you wrote that article...EXCELENTE!!!!!!;p-)))))))))))

2) Re: how to maintain a moderate rating.
Comment by spielberg on February 11, 2008, 08:18:33 AM

"Herbal" cigarettes are also useful in the constant battle to depress one's rating as Resh and I often demonstrate.

Getting involved in an argument in the shouts or, even worse, some flirting with a fibsbabe also lower your concentration level nicely.
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