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daffyduckAnnotated Matches, with every move analysed and significant plays commented on and explained. The file is suitable for ExtremeGammon, Gnu, BgBlitz or Snowie and is accompanied by a word doc with full colour board diagrams for those who prefer to read it.


we occasionally get folks posting small ads in the boards - this is  OK if you ask first, and make a small donation, say £5 depending on position and time slot. (giveaway items are free to advertise)


19/2/2009 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 improving-your-backgammon-skills donation received thx contact
*******Snowie Pro 4 for sale with permission to transfer ownership from Snowie Group
100.00 contact


LOST - i dropped my precision dice near the Reader's wives section. anyone seen em? reward contact stog


free......1 boog available for adoption, not sure if house trained, needs picking up


i noticed this for sale on ebay
also see "ask walter" & ''alvis stewart' in the advice column at the tail of the front page, for the full 'sad but true' story!

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