**Inspired by recurrent discussions in FIBS shouts on issues concerning science and consciousness, we have introduced an ISP Board on ...a space set aside for more considered esoteric meanderings on ideas science and philosophy --- "concept formation and elucidation" .....> the philosophy/physiology/ structure and function of a fibster or fibsboarder!
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here is the first  example, pasting from we get

Match to 7, White leads 6-0 Blue on roll. Cube action?
test 249

player2 195
Position Id: AADeHwMGB8A/AA Match Id: QQngAGAAAAAA

and the second, (without diagram - u have to setup image location i think) using GNUBG's built-in menu "Edit:Copy as -> GammOnline (HTML)" function and then paste it here. The score (after 0 games) is: dropper 0, You 0 (match to 3 points)

Move number 35: You on roll, cube decision?

dropper 157

2X ' '2X2X3X '1O1O1X '2O

2O3X2O2O2X2O '2O1O ' ' '

You 112

Position ID: YzsEYByzmYVRAA Match ID: UQlgAAAAAAAA

â€Â¢ You doubles

Alert: wrong double ( -0,0102)!

Cube decision
2-ply cubeless equity +0,6063 (Money: +0,6173)
  68,88 29,53 1,05 - 31,12 6,53 0,09
Cubeful equities:
1. No double +0,7632  
2. Double, pass +1,0000 +0,2368
3. Double, take +0,7530 -0,0102
Proper cube action: No redouble, take (4,1%)


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