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email & pm's

Started by tester, November 03, 2009, 10:24:56 AM

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admin here...................

i recently had returned email for a member, as they had set their email address incorrectly

remember you can set your email as nonpublic in profile

below is copy/paste

" That was a fake address I used when fibsboard made available the email addr. for all members to see. I disagreed with that , so I changed it to this one. fyi only, a valid one is......."

this is no longer the case - you can set your email as nonpublic in profile

reply sent to fibsboard pm (which u can't get! until you you log into fibsboard)

ok -----but don't subscribe to a topic for notification as i get all the reject returned mail --it can't notify u if you give a false address - and folks can't pm you either --if u put your real email in your profile, you can set it so that it is hidden --but folks can still pm you -- that's what it's for, and of course you get notifications of replies to post etc if u request them - all this forwarded to your email :)


Quote from the user who caused the "troubles": Having a valid mail address or not does not interfere in any way with the ability to write/send or receive Personal Messages on fibsboard. The software is not able to verify if the address is valid or not, hence it cannot allow or deny writing/sending or receiving them. Only the admin may get pissed off  and act ( :beerdrinkers:) when his mailbox gets stuffed with returned mail because it could not be delivered. The troublemaker has agreed to stop spamming the admin mailbox and provided a valid email address.
Helping people is tricky. Give help to anyone and he will remember it only when he is in need again.



that's it in a nutshell -- the mail bounces everywhere and ends up with me! and will also slow the server - as, if there are a few of these queries going through,....etc

so really i need folks to put in their correct email, and if they want to make sure it isn't public - just check that the required profile tickbox is checked, which it may be by default - i will check......

also if folks could ensure they have "cleaned up their mailboxes" and deleted all but the few messages they want to keep

many thx


you can of course simply switch off personal messages, notifications etc
which admin will have to do if the email address is not corrected......


just a quick reminder for you all to check your email addresses are correct and checked as private. ---or that you uncheck message notification (by email) as if your email address is incorrect , while you will get your message when you log in, i get the PM notification bounced backed to me as admin here . this is very annoying and slows a lot of stuff down

Quotehi your PM to ?? bounced back to me, he will be able to read it when he next logs into fibsboard but until he corrects his email, any PM's sent to him bounce back to me

if this happens too much i will switch off notifications by email