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Explorer "typing one line below what is visible" issue FIX

Started by stog, June 22, 2010, 10:07:57 PM

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a couple of folks have brought to my attention the following
Quotehi, love ur site,
i only use internet explorer, ver 8, is it a browser problem that makes it so that when my post is too long (when side bar comes on i think), i am typing one line below what is visible? (i moved side bar to correct position, but next char puts it back hidden). hard to type when you can't see what u just typed Wink

i have just replied
Quotesixty reported a similiar problem, and yes i recommend all PC users use Firefox
explorer is so non standard compliant most forum s'ware developers tend to avoid it and now don't seem to fret if their s'ware errors as often it is just explorer that is the problem

glad u like the site

if u get a chance to send a screenshot -- send it

i'll post a warning about this or test it when i get a chance (i might be able to adjust the sidebar a bit which might help

will report back.......


ok ----->try and ensure 'compatability view' is ticked


success great! :cool:

a "side" affect seems to be that it now does not display anything until after everything is loaded (it used to load everything but your gallery pic, then display pic after loaded)


it worked great here, too .. thanks for the workaround, stoggie
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