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Hi stog - can I change my name pls?

Started by iCaleb, February 02, 2011, 08:00:57 PM

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When I first joined my nic was iCaleb but now I play as Caleb on FIBS.
It would be nice to be Caleb here too ... :smile:
Thanks  :thumbsup2:


you would have to register as caleb with a different email, or get me to delete icaleb, then register as caleb

if u get my drift  ;)

ps welcome!

but then maybe icaleb is just right and you should remain as such; and folks should be able to cross the great divide to be able to understand you as the caleb on fibs :geige: :geige:


Stog - Thanks for your rapid response - I am impressed! B)

Please delete iCaleb - I have only made one post with that NIC so no great loss (unless you like pictures of my new puppy!)  ;)

I can always repost the pictures for diane

Thanks again