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Started by diceking, November 06, 2011, 08:12:59 AM

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Hello does anyone no were I find the tourney bot register number for the Sunday session 0830/0900 utc thanks.


You found your way in all by yourself, so I take it you worked it out  ;)

For others, the number is not available until the tourney opens, so you have to be logged in at the time the tournament is registering, and watch for shouts or tells from the bot with the number.
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ok..that didnt go so I will try to explain some of the things that might have been confusing you.

At the start, Tourneybot both shouted and sent this tell to all players who have subscribed to it..

TourneyBot shouts: *** Tourney 4567: Round 1 (3 pts): diane (1818) vs Cigale (1706) winner plays rollingfool (1562), Round 2 (3 pts): Diceking (1619) vs inim (1917) ***

This is clearly stating that you need to play inim, although with this number of players, the byes make the format a bit confusing.

You also got a tell from this format..

TourneyBot says: T4567R1M2 (3-pt): diane (1818) vs. Cigale (1706) [but it would say your name and inim]

T4567 - that tells you this is the tourney you are playing in now

R1M2 - this tells you the round number [and even I am not sure what M2 means  ;) ]

(3-pt) - this tells you the matchlength you need to play

Your name is first, with your rating at the time you signed up..

The second name is the name of the person you need to play, so you invite, or accept an invitation from, that player.


When the bot spotted you were playing the wrong player, it sent both you and me a message...

TourneyBot says: Sunday Session (#4567) Diceking  on clock at 09:01, clock used 00:00 (Playing wrong player)

I then started sending you tells, which you did not respond to.

You tell Diceking: you need to play inim now
You tell Diceking: 3 points
You tell Diceking: hello?

You tell Diceking: you will timeout of this tourney if you do not leave that match and play the tourney match

As you did not start within 7 mins of the tourney starting, you were then timed out..

TourneyBot says: *** TIMEOUT Diceking in Tourney Sunday Session (#4567) ***

I realise all this can be very confusing, which is why we set an experience level on players entering tournaments - and in your case, playing on the iPad, it will be more confusing, as you do not have the functionality that others have on a computer with a good interface, like javafibs.

Maybe you should wait until you have a bit more experience - or try from a computer a couple of times, until you are very familiar with fibs and how to handle matches, starting, leaving etc.

I am pleased you are keen to join in - and loved having you sign up, but maybe you need a bit of time to get your head around things before the next one  :)

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Were to get the tourney bot number to register for the Sunday bloody Mary session at 1600


Quote from: diceking on November 13, 2011, 03:58:57 PMWere to get the tourney bot number to register for the Sunday bloody Mary session at 1600

Please read the above replies to the same question.
Never give up on the things that make you smile


When the tourney opens, TourneyBot announces the tourney number.  Noone knows the number until then.  Then you have 30 minutes to join the tourney as the instructions tell you.


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